The Restroom Kit ®

  • The Restroom Kit improves personal care when using any restroom away from home. 
  • Portable Essentials Allowing a Cleaner Experience (PEACE) when using public restrooms.
  • Whether you have an emergency situation, in your daily routine, or on vacation, the kit guarantees you fresh, clean, quality restroom essentials when they’re needed.

Whats in the box

The Restroom Kit is a compact 3-panel kit that contains a patented oversized toilet seat cover with a gentile protector and a weighted back panel, 3ft of 3ply toilet paper capable of transforming into 9ft of single-ply tissue, two lightly scented wipes one to freshen body parts or disinfect restroom surfaces the second wipe is strictly for cleaning hands.

The Restroom Kit provides comfort, confidence and guarantees PEACE Portable Essentials Allowing Cleaner Experience. The Restroom Kit reduces contact with Other People’s Poop/Pee/ Parasites (OPP). The Restroom Kit is primarily intended to be used in public restrooms as a means of deriving improved sanitation for users. It also helps to reduce the spread of disease, bacteria, and viruses.

The Restroom Kit is for anyone who has experienced undersupplied and messy restroom facilities, which ladies find extremely frustrating. Lack of sanitary restroom essentials is never a problem when carrying “The Restroom Kit or The Restroom Kit Plus” which includes a Panty Liner. 

Toilet Paper

3' of 3 ply toilet paper biodegradable quality thickness transformable into 9' of 1 ply toilet paper


2 wipes with different purposes tush wipe biodegradable used for wiping contaminated surfaces or to freshen private body parts hand wipe non-biodegradable woven material strictly made to clean hands after using the restroom

Panty Liner

Pink Kit Panty Liner The ultra-light panty is only provided in The Restroom Kit Plus An item requested by our great customers

Toilet Cover

Patented oversized toilet seat cover, Toilet seat cover designed with public restrooms in mind Weight backend made to adjust to the toilet seat size Pre-cut center hole to reduce damage while placing onto the toilet seat Center cut adjustable genital protector The seat cover is created to be flushed or can be easily thrown into the garbage

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As Seen On

The Blue Kit

Improves Personal Hygiene In Public Restrooms…The Ultimate Public Restroom Travel Aid….Public restrooms are known to be very messy and under-supplied.
Every time an uncovered toilet is flushed, germs and bacteria are spewed throughout the restroom and lands on exposed surfaces.
The compact all-in-one kit contains a patented oversized toilet seat cover, made to cover the entire toilet seat, 3 feet of 3-ply high-quality toilet paper to provide comfort when there’s little to no toilet paper available, as well as 1 lightly scented tush wipe to provide extra cleanliness to one-self or to wipe down the surface area prior to using it and a hand wipe to clean any substance from your hands.

The Pink Kit

The Restroom Kit Plus is for Ladies Night or Ladies Flight or anywhere you may travel: the panty liner is for those unexpected moments that may occur; no worries, we have you

The Restroom Kit Plus 3 pk



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