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Reduce the Risk: Making You Feel Clean, Comfortable and Safe in a Restroom is Our Mission

The Restroom Kit
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this Restroom Kit Help Me Stay Safe?

The Restroom Kit allows you to take everything you need into the restroom without having to use public toilet paper with germs – eww! 

How Many Uses Come Out of One Restroom Kit?

One Restroom Kit can last 1-2 bathroom visits, depending on how much toilet paper you use or what the necessities are in that space. 

What is Included in The Restroom Kit?

3 Feet of Toilet Paper. A Patented Oversized Seat Cover, a Tush, and a Hand Wipe. 

Can I Automate My Order Of These Products Every Month?

We are currently working on that feature and can’t wait until we go live :). 

Is Toilet Paper Included in These Kits?

Absolutely! 3 feet of 3-ply toilet paper is included in every Restroom Kit.