While traveling alone or with family and friends, have you ever thought about how many different bags each person is taking with them and what’s in them? Mom probably takes two suitcases with her on vacation, but how many smaller travel accessories bags does she have packed away?  A makeup bag with her beautiful powder, eyeliner, maybe nail polish, cotton balls etcA bag of personal hygiene products for her special time of the month and, what about a bag of cleaning supplies which is needed in today’s environment? Maybe a Jewelry Bag as well…

Now, you may not think dads are going to travel with as many bags as mom (unless he’s a golfer). You can bet that if dad is golfing on vacation or a road trip, he has a travel bag for his keys and tees. Like mom, dad is going to have a travel bag for his personal hygiene items such as soap, toilet paste, cologne and maybe toothpaste. There’s one more travel bag a dad may carry, and that’s a shaving bag.  A shaving bag is where the hair clippers and shaving gear is kept which includes hairbrush, comb, mirror, and possibly hair shears. Dads are prepared when it comes to traveling!

When it comes to young men and traveling, a lot depends on their age and who they’re traveling with. For this article, he’s a pre-teen son on family vacation.  More than likely mom assisted him with packing his suitcase.  She makes sure his travel bag has personal hygiene items which includes soap, deodorant, and toothbrush. He, like the more mature males,  should have a travel bag for his hair supplies. The most important travel accessories for him to pack are his video games, accessories and anything else he needs for entertainment.    

The person who will give traveling the most attention and will carry multiple travel bags on a road trip, is the female teenager.  For a sixteen-year-old female high school student travel is an adventure, so variety is an important part of her lifestyle. Cosmetic bag, personal hygiene and jewelry travel bags are amongst a host of essentials she may carry when traveling.  

There’s one travel bag that available to everyone when traveling and that’s the toiletry bag carrying The Restroom Kit. The toiletry bag for restroom breaks and pit stops along our route. It is great to know during any restroom break you have fresh, clean, quality restroom essentials like toilet paper, a patented seat cover and wipes. The Restroom Kit  toiletry bag is the perfect carrier for family travel. It is made of ply vinyl matter; it is super easy to clean in case of spills and it is super convenient to carry around. I like that is compact and yet it holds everything we need. It is certainly our road trip toiletry bag of choice. Check it out and see for yourselves @therestroomkit.com. The Restroom Kit comes in super handy to keep the potty break essentials and the rest of the toiletries separate and organized for everyone on the trip.  

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