The restroom is the least talked about place. Why is that? Well, the answer is simple. What you do there is your business, and no one wants to know about it. But sometimes, because no one is watching, most people unknowingly partake in behaviors that make the process germier than 

it has to be. As a courtesy to others, when using a public area like the restroom, there are certain things you should never do. In this article, we are going to discuss a few of those things. 

1- Never forget to clean after yourself 

The golden rule of public restroom usage is to always clean after yourself. Most of us have been taught to clean up after ourselves growing up. But, surprisingly, a lot of people fail to do so. Maintaining something we all need and use shouldn’t be one person’s responsibility. We all play a part. Showing respect and being considerate of the person after you is good practice. Think about how you feel when you use the restroom behind someone who didn’t clean after themselves. It is highly unpleasant. So whether you are in a public restroom, at home, or a guest at a friend’s house, never forget to clean after yourself. 

2- Don’t put toilet paper on the seat 

Those who don’t want to touch the toilet seat when in a public restroom like to lay toilet paper on the seat. No matter how hygienic this might seem, it is one of the worst things you can do. Despite what most people believe, lining the seat with toilet paper still exposes you to tons of bacteria and germs. Toilet seats are designed to not hold a lot of germs. I know, shocker! However, many people forget to close the lid before flushing. Oh and what about those public toilets with no lid? When you flush an open toilet seat, bacteria get spread all over the restroom including on the toilet paper. Unlike toilet seats, the paper has a rough texture, which absorbs moisture really well. Making it the best thing for bacteria to latch on and multiply. Unless you are bringing your own paper, avoid placing toilet paper on the seat. 

3- Don’t be on your phone 

You don’t want your cell phone in the bathroom, especially a public restroom. For starters, it is more polite to the person on the other end of the line to not hear some loud flushing background noises while talking to you. Even the people visiting the same bathroom at the same time as

you, don’t want to hear your cell phone conversation. After all, using the bathroom is a private moment and it should be kept as such. Then you might say to yourself, ” I am just going to browse for a few minutes while I take care of business.” Still not a good idea. A lot of people accidentally drop their phones in the toilet. That is something you can never forgive yourself for. Plus your insurance company probably won’t cover that. So save your phone call for a later time and ditch the cell phone. 

4- Avoid having long conversations 

For some reason, some people think the restroom is a great place to have long, amazing conversations. Well, you can’t be more wrong about that. A bathroom is a place where you only go to do your business, and there’s no reason to talk, as every topic of conversation can be tainted by the environment. So if you see someone you recognize, it’s okay to nod, but stop talking about your parents, your children, or your dog. 

5- Don’t squat on the toilet seat 

The next thumb rule that you need to know about when you are in the public restroom is that you should not squat. You have no reason to be squatting in the toilet seat unless you are in a squat toilet of course. Why? You may ask. because if you lose your balance, the toilet may not support your weight. This can lead to accidents and serious injuries as the toilet itself can break if you abruptly land on it. 

Bonus tip 

Avoid using hand dryers. They may seem like environmentally friendly options compared to paper towels, but they are not hygienic. The air dryers are notorious for flinging bacteria and germs everywhere and covering you up and others in grime. Just give it a miss and move to a more hygienic option like a paper towel. Or even better, The Restroom Kit

As discussed above, using public restrooms comes with rules and etiquette that benefit everyone. The problem is that most people don’t follow these rules. So always try not to do these things we mentioned. Plus, to be on the safer side, always bring The Restroom Kit with you everywhere you go. With 1 yard of toilet paper, an oversized toilet seat cover, a tush wipe, and an antibacterial hand wipe, you are sure to keep safe from unwanted bacteria and germs. 

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