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Restroom Kit Plus

For Women,

By Women


The Restroom Kit, Plus a Panty Liner, and Pretty in Pink!
(Guys, Feel Free to Buy Us These!)

  • Public Bathroom Survival Kit

    M. The Restroom Kit 3+3

  • Pack of 10 - Restroom Kit plus

    O. The Restroom Kit PLUS 10 Pack

  • 3 Pack - The Restroom Kit Plus - For her

    N. The Restroom Kit PLUS 3-Pack

  • Pack of 30 - for her - restroom sanitary survival kit

    P. The Restroom Kit PLUS 30-Pack

  • Q. The Restroom Kit PLUS 90-Pack

  • 250 Pack Plus | Essential Sanitary Item For Her

    R. The Restroom Kit PLUS 250-Pack


The Restroom Kit
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Included in The Restroom Kit Plus?

3 Feet of 3-Ply Toilet Paper. 

1 Patented Oversized Seat Cover. 

1 Hand Wipe.

1 Tush Wipe. 

1 Panty Liner.

We’ve Got You Covered ;). 

What Makes the Restroom Kit Plus Different from the Restroom Kit?

1 Panty Liner is Included in Each Plus Kit.