5 Hand Mist Sprays

Mist Spray Hand Sanitizers: .34 oz/10 ml. These are fun and serve a valuable double purpose. Use these as hand sanitizers and to kill any harmful bacteria or germs in commonly touched areas. Take the bus? Ride the subway? Getting on a plane? Grabbing Door Handles? Use these to keep yourself safe!


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We deeply appreciate you taking time to visit The Restroom Kit. Our goal is simply to make sure you experience having Portable Essentials Allowing a Cleaner Experience (PEACE) when using any restroom away from home. The Restroom Kit provides fresh, clean, quality restroom essentials when needed, regardless of your destination is our mission. If we have or haven’t fulfilled our goal or mission, we’d love to hear from you

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The Restroom Kit® is a tool that benefits the general public. When you walk into a public restroom carrying a fresh kit you leave doubt at the door and walk in with peace of mind.
The man behind The Restroom Kit® is Bill Massey, CEO of TimeAway, LLC. Bill is passionate about the product.

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