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H. 3 Hand Mist Sprays & 2 Hand Gels


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With the rise of harmful germs flying in the air, and living through a pandemic, one can never have enough hand sanitizer. This is the perfect addition to your order. Keep one of these nearby for use when needed!

  • PROTECTION: Each kit is individually sealed so the consumer has fresh, clean sanitary toiletries to use in the restroom regardless of the environment. Perfect protection for anyone needing assistance when using a public restroom especially the elderly and children.
  • PORTABLE: Conveniently fits into your backpack, purse, pocket or car for travel. Have peace of mind knowing you have a convenient, portable, and hygienic solution for public restrooms.
  • BIODEGRADABLE: Dissolves easily in water. When done, just flush the bio-degradable seat cover, toilet paper and tush wipe
  • PERFECT GIFT for the Holidays, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Stocking Stuffers, Parties, BBQs or just treat yourself (perfect for anyone traveling day to day or on vacation).

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