The Restroom Kit upgrades your personal hygiene when using nasty under-supplied restrooms away from home!


The Restroom Kit was created to be used in any restroom away from your home.

Each conveniently packaged kit comes in a small, discreet pouch that fits easily into a pocket and contains the following care items:

    • One patented over-sized seat cover with a rear pocket to support stability and alignment

    • One yard of three ply toilet paper

    • One hand wipe

    • One flushable tush wipe

Perfect for international travel packs, glove compartments, gym bags, diaper bags, briefcases, and more!


You Know It's Not Clean When???

When an uncovered toilet is flushed germs & bacteria can spew up to 20 feet contaminating everything in its path from the toilet paper to the soap dispenser. This includes restrooms in hotels, gas stations and other high traffic areas and maybe even your friends home.

The Restroom Kit Brings you P.E.A.C.E. (Portable Essentials Allowing Cleaner Experience)

You Deserve The Best Option Available!

Lack of toilet paper and spewed on toiletries shouldn't be your only option. Carrying The Restroom Kit eliminates those problems. Don't leave home without it. 


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