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Your New Essential Sanitary Item 

The Restroom Kit®

Safely “Go” On-the-Go

Have You Ever Been in a Restroom And Not Had Everything You Need? 

Problem Solved! 

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Do You Leave Your House?

Then The Restroom Kit is For You!

Did You Know Every Restroom Away from Home Is a Public Restroom

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Every Time You Flush, Germs and Bacteria Can Spread up to 20 feet Contaminating Everything in its Path.

25% of the Soap Found in Public Restrooms is

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Hand Dryers May Spread More Germs Than Paper Towels

The Restroom Kit Provides P.E.A.C.E
Portable Essentials Allowing
Cleaner Experience

The Restroom Kit included products - travel toilet paper - pocket toilet paper - mini tissue packs

Toilet Paper & Bathroom
Essentials On the Go

We’ve Got Your Back (Side) – Seriously 😉

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Everything You Need in One Easy Pack

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4+ Star Ratings!

{It is Awesome. I travel for football games and to family outings as well as the beach. Even locally, it is convenient. Packaged just right
Amazon Customer
{This is an excellent product. It came in handy while on a road trip to Florida. Love the fact I didn't have to worry about using what was in the rest area bathrooms or those nasty gas station restrooms. Very kid friendly. More than enough toilet paper and the seat cover was big enough to cover the whole seat, didn't have to worry about it falling in the toilet. I would recommend this to anyone that has to use a public bathroom!!!
Amazon Customer
{This product is amazing. Don't let the compact size fool you. I was hanging out with my wife and a couple of friends at a ball game. After a couple of hotdogs and a beer I found myself needing to take a serious restroom break. I travel a lot with friends and family, we love attending area events so we're experienced when it comes to public restrooms hazards. The Restroom Kit didn't let my wife or I down. The seat cover in the kit is a great over sized butt gasket that completely covers the toilet seat with the center completely removed. The kit also contains more than enough toilet paper. The kit even has a tush and hand wipes which my wife loves. The kit is complete, compact and sanitary. No brainier for day to day or going away travel.
Amazon Customer

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