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The Restroom Kit toiletry bag, expect the unexpected when traveling using unfamiliar restrooms on the road.  The Restroom Kit Plus and carrier assists with those situations supplying fresh, clean, high-quality restroom toiletries no matter the destination.   The Restroom Kit Plus contains the following: A. a patented oversized toilet seat cover, designed to cover the entire, B. three feet of three-ply toilet that can be easily transformed into nine feet of quality single-ply toilet paper, tissue paper clean enough to wipe your nose, biodegradable C. two lightly scented wipes, a tush wipe that can be used to wipe toilet seat surface prior to use or to freshen body part after elevation, biodegradable D. a hand wipe strictly to be used after using the restroom E.  The Restroom Kit Plus also provides a panty-liner just in case an unexpected or premature situation may occur. F. The toiletry bag is new to our product line.  It’s the perfect carrier to hold everything together.  Whether at work, on vacation, or school regardless of your location the essentials that you need are within reach. The Restroom Kit has been featured in many media outlets over the past couple of years Forbes, Washington,, Inventor Digest to name a few.  They all feel that The Restroom Kit is provides a value that’s needed in our environment today.  The toiletry bag brings a sense of style that our female customers love, is easy to clean, carries six pink kits, and hand or gel sanitizer to complete the set.  The Restroom Kit and Toiletry bag provide PEACE for friends and family alike. (Portable Essentials Allowing a Cleaner Experience).  The Restroom Kit allows you and your loved ones to take their public restroom visit to the next level by reducing OPP, contact with Other People Poop.  The toiletry bag is the carrier that holds the tools for having a safe and pleasurable experience in any restroom domestic or abroad.

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