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Why choose the Restroom Kit

There are several important reasons for The Restroom Kit to become a necessity when using

restrooms away from home. Primarily the “Kit” provides sanitary toiletries that enhances good personal hygiene. For that reason, a loan in today’s environment the Kit adds value. Public restrooms are known to be germ infested in terms of hygiene and cleanliness. All surfaces including the toilet paper are spewed upon when the toilet is flushed causing a toilet plume.

Some people have a hard time using public facilities, and they try to avoid using them for as long as they can. Delaying the process of going to the restroom can be discomforting and have a negative effect on well-being. Carrying fresh, clean, and high-quality toiletries contained in The Restroom Kit may provide comfort derived from the stress that many feels when using public restrooms.
Some seniors and physically challenged individuals find themselves at a disadvantage when it comes to using public facilities. They must use what’s available in the restroom regardless of its condition physically or materially. Having The Restroom Kit allows everyone regardless of their physical condition to have what they need when it’s needed.
Carrying The Restroom Kit allows you to leave all worries of under supplied and contaminated toiletries at the restroom entrance. The Restroom Kit provides cleaning options that may not be available when public restroom toilet seats are filthy or when no cleaning supplies are available.

The restroom might not be ready for you, but you will be prepared to use it when carrying The
Restroom Kit.

● Suitable for hiking and camping
You can also use The Restroom Kit on your camping and hiking trips. This Kit can be an
essential part of your camping supplies. Enhance using those messy washrooms at the
Now you can use them confidently by taking The Restroom Kit with you to the loo. The Kit is
compact, and lightweight, so carrying it in your type of camping carrier will not be a big deal for


● Top choice for outdoor sports
The Restroom Kit is compact and portable enough to place it in your outdoor sports
equipment and gear. Outdoor sporting events may have port-johns restroom. Unfortunately,
porta-johns are known to be one of the worst public restrooms at sporting venues. The Kit works
well there.


● Maybe the public restroom doesn’t have all you need
One of the worst things about public restrooms is they usually run out of supplies, and nobody
cares much about that, especially when there’s no cleaning schedule.
Well, it’s time to take matters into your hands and carry The Restroom Kit with you. With The
Restroom Kit, you won’t worry about empty toilet tissue rolls and soap dispensers. Instead, you
can use your kit and maintain your hygiene in a way that safe for you.

Great for travel

If you are one who travels regularly, you will find The Restroom Kit to be a must have. Whether

  • your travels take you locally, nationwide, or internationally The Restroom Kit will be a vital tool
    that will complete your travel toiletry bag.
    Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, you can conveniently carry the compact all-in-
    one kit in your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase etc.
    You won’t feel any anxiety when it’s time to use public bathrooms when The Restroom Kit is
    included in your travel accessories. So, you can take it out when you need it and use the
    bathroom with confidence without worry.
    Moreover, some countries don’t have toilet tissue in their public restrooms. In such a scenario
    having The Restroom Kit will come in handy and elevate stress.

The Restroom Kit

The Restroom Kit is a trusty sanitary kit created for your personal hygiene when using messy
and undersupplied public restrooms.
Today, when the importance of maintaining personal hygiene has skyrocketed, The Restroom
Kit takes care of your sanitary requirements when using any restroom away from home.

What is Included?
There are two variations of kits available, the Blue Kit is for general use for everyone a 3-panel
kit containing 3 feet of 3 ply toilet tissue, A patented oversized toilet seat cover, and 2 wipes 1
hand and 1 tush. The second option is the PINK Kit general for women. The Pink Kit contains all
the items in the Blue Kit but includes a pantry liner for the ladies.

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