Road Trip Essentials

Road trips can be amazing adventures but spending a lot of time together in the car can lead to arguments and frustration if you are not properly prepared. Let’s talk about some things that will keep everyone on their best behavior!

1- Be prepared for unexpected stops!

It is virtually impossible to keep a tight schedule while on a road trip no matter how much planning went into it. You may encounter vehicle accidents, unexpected road work stoppages, unavoidable rush hour traffic, etc., while traveling. That is why you should be ready for emergencies of all kinds, including restrooms break wherever you are. We all know that road side restrooms have a history of being messy and under supplied whether it’s wooded, roadside or public we all hate these unexpected restroom stops, but it doesn't have to be a concern if you are carrying The Restroom Kit with you! Soft quality toilet paper, light scented wipes, oversized toilet seat cover, even hand sanitizer and feminine products are available items when carrying The Restroom Kit! Choose a kit that will bring you peace of mind in those uncomfortable situations and bring it with you! Save yourself and your loved ones from the anxiety of using any random toilet.

2- Bring back up!

Technology is great but it can also be a pain if you rely on it blindly. Make a list of things
you must have functioning at all times and think of what they need so you can have a plan B. For example, you may be relying on your phone or a GPS for a road map. It is
very common to travel through remote areas. What happens if you run out of signal?

This doesn’t mean you necessarily need a paper map. Simply download on your device an offline version of the area you are traveling to so you can navigate without problems even if the signal is failing. Another alternative? Bring a mobile hotspot with you! There is always more than one backup strategy. The important thing is that you do have a backup plan! Trust me, it will save you a lot of headaches.

Here are a few things you might want to have as backups:

– Car documentation
– Tires
– Navigation System
– Electronics Power Source
(power bank, changers, usb cables etc.)

3- Keep the people happy!

It is important to think about keeping the passengers on this road trip comfortable, fed,
and happy. Here are some tips to make it happen: 

– If you are thinking about heading out at the break of dawn or traveling during the night to avoid traffic, maybe you would like to bring pillows and blankets for the
passengers. This will help them rest and be refreshed for the next activities on the schedule. The last thing you want is to take 14 hours to get to an amazing spot and not be able to enjoy it! 

– Another way to keep yourself and your passengers happy is to plan fun stops along the way. This will entertain everyone, but also will give the driver a rest and allow for a change if needed.
– Bring good snacks and drinks! This will sure save you from some unscheduled stops because of hangry people. It is also important to consider the nutritional
value of your snacks. When traveling we tend to treat ourselves to delicious food that may not be the healthiest. However, you do want to avoid health issues as much as possible so you can all have a great time! A healthy diet is KEY to make that happen.

Supplements are an option, but snacks are a lot more fun. All it
takes is a well-stocked cooler and you can bring anything you like!

– In-car entertainment is a MUST! Make sure you have a variety of activities planned and play your cards well. You don’t want to run out of things to do in the first part of your journey so stay calm. Let the passengers entertain themselves as much as they want to and save the activities for the right time. Movies, playlists, podcasts or audiobooks are great! (don’t forget to bring back up in case you are out of signal) You may want to think about road trip songs for kids, and games such as I spy, the ABC game.

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