The Restroom Kit

PRODUCT CONTENTS: Each kit contains a patented oversize seat cover with a rear pocket to support stability and alignment, 1 yard of 3 ply toilet paper, hand wipe, and flushable tush wipe. This kit provides you with all the portable essentials needed when using any restroom away from home.
PROTECTION: Each kit is individually sealed and not predisposed to any of the germs and bacteria lingering in the restroom. Perfect protection for anyone needing assistance when using a public restroom especially the elderly and children.
PORTABLE: Conveniently fits into your backpack, purse, pocket, or car for travel. Have peace of mind knowing you have a convenient, portable, and hygienic solution for public restrooms.
BIODEGRADABLE: Dissolves easily in water. When done, just flush the bio-degradable seat cover, toilet paper, and tush wipe.
PERFECT GIFT for the Holidays, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Activities, Stocking Stuffers, Parties, BBQs or just treat yourself (perfect for anyone traveling day to day or on vacation).

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