About The Restroom Kit

The Restroom Kit is the perfect travel companion whether you’re traveling across town, cross-country or internationally. Designed with the intentions of being used in any restroom away from home, as a means of deriving improved sanitation for users. The Restroom Kit is the first to-market personal hygiene product of its kind. The compact portable all-in-one kit contains a lightly scented hand wipe, a biodegradable tush wipe, a patented oversized toilet seat cover and 3 feet of 3-ply toilet paper. Bill & Sonia wanted to accomplish two things: first, educate the public on what they are walking into when entering a restroom; second, offer the public a solution that enhances their situation when entering any restroom.

Additionally, the kit helps reduce the spread of disease, bacteria and viruses. When using a public restroom in most cases we use what is there. We have no idea how long a product has been in the restroom; to that end, we really do not know what has been done to or with the products. We only know it is there. The average person does not know that when a toilet is flushed the stool flows down but some germs and bacteria float up via a flush cloud or what university studies calls “the toilet plume.” The toilet matter that spews up finds its way onto everything in its path including the tissue of the next individuals who uses it.

At home you can control the cleanliness that goes into your restroom, but in an outside facility you have no control over the cleanliness. So how do you reduce the effect of soiled restroom materials? Simply bring your own! Carry The Restroom Kit by TimeAway LLC.

About the Owners

Bill Massey and his wife Sonia are the CEO and CMO of TimeAway LLC a veteran own product Development Company located in Clinton Maryland. Sonia originally from Queens New York, a former Administrative Specialist who served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm among her many accomplishments has earned two degrees in the field of Information technology from Strayer University, while Bill originally from Richmond VA., a former airborne Quartermaster has multiple certifications in theInformation Technology field and graduated from TESST College of Technology.

Bill and Sonia have started multiple businesses together real estate investing, Multi- Level Marketing and computer repair just to name a few. In 2012 Bill wanted to move in a different direction, looking for a “recession proof business,” and decided to start
TimeAway LLC. While working on his project “The Restroom Kit” Bill believed everyone is blessed with at least one good idea, and it is his job to assist willing entrepreneurs with bring their product or service to market successfully just like he did with The Restroom Kit. Soon after the company was established Sonia joined Bill in the venture, bringing their overall skill, knowledge and network together again. TimeAway LLC has assisted entrepreneurs of a variety industries developing exercise equipment, emergency

getaway bags, mobile indoor/outdoor office furniture and more, while focusing on their internationally acclaimed product The Restroom Kit®.

TimeAway LLC in its short existence has been recognized by the NAACP for their community service and contributions. As TimeAway continues to grow Sonia and Bill looks forward to assisting more entrepreneurs bringing great products and services to the forefront.

About Us

The Restroom Kit® is a tool that benefits the general public. When you walk into a public restroom carrying a fresh kit you leave doubt at the door and walk in with peace of mind.
The man behind The Restroom Kit® is Bill Massey, CEO of TimeAway, LLC. Bill is passionate about the product.

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